Sweat USA Women's Fitness, active yoga, athletic, exercise and performance fashion apparel made with SUPPLEX by INVISTA (formerly DUPONT)

Shipping overview
        Currently all domestic and international shipping will be through the United States Parcel Services (USPS) flat rate program. Total retail price determines the amount that will be charged for shipping and will adjust accordingly during checkout as the below chart demonstrates. Although USPS has established a maximum weight amount per flat rate box, the weight of the clothing that would fill the box space will not exceed those maximums for either domestic or international.
        All domestic orders will be shipped no later than the  following business day after order is received.
            For International shipments, customers may be pay additional fees due to duty, taxes and/or customs fees applicable by the receiving countries policies.
USPS Domestic Priority Mail
  • Delivery to every address in the United States (Hawaii and Alaska) -Including PO Boxes and military addresses.
  • Average 2-3 days delivery.
  • Maximum weight is 70 pounds per box.

  USPS Mexico and Canada Priority Mail

  • Average 6-10 days delivery.
  • Maximum weight 20 pounds per box

  USPS other International Priority Mail

  • Ability to ship to over 190 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Average 6-10 days delivery.
  • Maximum weight 20 pounds per box

Retail Purchase Amount

US Domestic

Mexico & Canada

All Other

















.011% of amount

.041% of amount

.067% of amount

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