Sweat USA Women's Fitness, active yoga, athletic, exercise and performance fashion apparel made with SUPPLEX by INVISTA (formerly DUPONT)

Sizing Information
Please be aware that there will be some measurement error between the measurements we take of the clothes and your measurements of yourself and favorite clothes as comparison. As long as our measurements  compared to your measurements are within 1-1.5 inches on all items, you should have high confidence in the correct fit because of SUPPLEX ® by Invista's  fabric performance characteristics.
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Measurement taken at the narrow part of waist.
Taken at the widest part of hips
Low rise = Below 8.5"
Low to Mid rise = 8.5"- 10"
High rise = 10" and up
Extra Large sizes 33-40
Our large size  can accomodate 33-40 waist sizes. SUPPLEX ® has the ability to stretch and always hold its shape without permanently stretching the material like cotton, up to a 40 inch waist and still be comfortable, especially for women who are gaining size due to pregnancy. And as the size comes off, the material will follow, all the way down to approximately a 28 inch waist. This enables you to not have to purchase items that will be to big after the size comes off from eating correctly and working out.
All measurements were taken by laying  items flat on a table top and using a cloth measuring tape.
Customer sizes smaller than the minimum waist measurement listed might find, depending on the particular "family" ordered and your actual measurements, that the pants or shorts will have a looser fit. In cases where your waist measurement is less than the minimum SMALL size, we suggest  purchasing items that incorporate a waist tie string.
Body length
The measurement taken from the approximate location of the center of the  chest (garment laid on flat surface) to the waist end of the tank.
This measurement gives an approximation of mid section coverage.
(Recommendation: Take your favorite length workout tank top or T-shirt and take the above measurement and compare to our listed body length measurement included on each product detail/specification page)
Waist Fit
Loose, Relaxed and Form Fitting measurement is taken approximately  9 inches lower from the center of the chest area. This area is approximately half way between the narrowist part of your waist and the widest part of your hips. (Across the belly button area)
Taking your measurements and comparing to our listed measurement ranges,  will tell you the general fit of the tank top around your midsection. (Belly button area)
Sleeve  Length
In General, this measurement will be taken  from the top seam on the shoulder to the end of sleeve. When you are measuring yourself, this will be approximately where your shoulder and arm meet, better described as the corner of your shoulder, to the bend in  your wrist.
Runners or high impact aerobic activity
Taking into account the stretching ability of the material-SUPPLEX by Invista, ordering the next smaller size if your on or near the overlap of sizing chart, can be considered for added support.

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